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What’s Good about a Dash Cam?

Do you know what a “dash cam” is? Well, in short, it is a camera installed near your dashboard, with the main function of recording everything you see out of your windshield while you’re driving. While dash cams are not very popular here in the States, they are pretty much a “need” in some other countries.

So, what’s so good about it? Why would some people consider it a part of their cars? Why should you spend the money to install one? Here are some benefits you may think about:

  • Dash cams record everything you see out of your windshield while driving, which means that in case you get into an accident, they can also provide you with evidence! So, in case you get into some legal trouble, dash cam footages can become the key to prove your innocence (that is, IF you’re not at fault, of course) and get you out of trouble.
  • Recently, a lot of dash cam footages have been used to find evidences of accidents that the vehicles in which the devices were installed happened to have passed by. In other words, dash cam footages can not only protect the driver him/herself, but also everyone whom the driver passed by on the way.
  • If you are a parent, you may install it into your children’s cars, not only for the above purposes, but also to make sure that they are driving safely at all times.
  • Similar concept with the example listed above: if you happen to run a vehicle company, you may install these in your vehicles to monitor your drivers, and to keep them out of trouble in case something happens.
  • Actually, for a tech device, dash cams are not all that expensive! They cost as low as around $30 each!
  • They are pretty much like a GPS device, which means that they are easy to install & uninstall.

What are you waiting for? You should be able to find one of these either online or in an average electronics store! Enjoy driving, and stay safe!


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