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Tips for Driving in the Fog

As the seasons change, you will see the temperatures outside changing, too. This transformation in weather could very easily affect your current driving techniques. Specifically, it's important to be mindful of fog and how you should alter your methods of driving to better fit the current weather conditions. Therefore, for your safety benefit, we've compiled a list of tips for driving in the fog. Remember to always be cautious when traveling — no matter what the outside conditions may be, as accidents can and even do happen on clear days.

Staying Safe in the Fog

Below, you will find a list of tips for driving in the fog. It will be important to try and incorporate these tips into your daily routine, as doing so could help to avoid an accident. These driving tips include:

Know the Weather Forecast

It will be helpful to know that fog is usually prominent in the morning or in the evening. If you watch the news to catch the daily forecast, you will be more inclined to be prepared for the weather, which will allow you to plan your trip accordingly.

Don’t Follow Too Closely

You should never follow the car in front of you too closely. However, this tip is even more important on days when fog is thick. Fog will alter how well you can see your surroundings, especially the car in front of you. You never know if said car will have to quickly stop, so make sure there's plenty of room between the two of you.

Use Fog Lights

If your car is equipped with fog or driver lights, then make sure to use them. These lights are usually installed by the factory and are mounted low, in or below the front bumper. Either type of light will most likely perform better than regular headlights.

Pull Over

Never be afraid to pull over. If you can't properly see the road in front of you and you don’t feel safe, then pull to the side of the road and turn on your flashers. You should never risk your safety or the safety of other drivers.

Always Be Cautious

As you know, it's important to be cautious every time you get behind the wheel. You'll want to be even more careful on the road when weather conditions are bad (i.e. when roadways are foggy). Therefore, make sure to try out our tips for driving in the fog. You may even come up with some of you are that prove to be helpful!


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