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Speed Limit by State

Speed limits are important.

Not only because disobeying the speed limit can land you a traffic ticket, but also because speed limits have been implemented with driver safety in mind. The faster that you travel in a car, the less time you have to react. Additionally, as speed increases, your stopping distances become greater, giving you less chance to avoid a potential collision. Driving within the speed limit can help you stay safe on the road, and in the unfortunate event of a traffic collision, avoid major injury as well.

To ensure that you are obeying the law and driving at a reasonable and safe speed, it is important that you pay attention to the speed limit. On surface streets, speed limits can vary widely, from 15mph in school zones to 50mph on untraveled two-lane roads. On the highway, speed limits tend to vary less, but that doesn't mean that speed limits are universal. Each state sets its own speed limit, and even within a state, speed limits may change depending on how frequently traveled a particular stretch of road is. Know your speed limits to stay out of trouble!

Your State-by-State Guide to Speed Limits

It is important to remember that no speed limit is universal. Even if the speed limit sign indicates a limit of 70mph, that value may change if you are driving a commercial vehicle or if conditions make traveling at such a speed unsafe. That being said, the list below can be viewed as a general rule of thumb on max speed limits by state:

  • Alabama – 70mph
  • Alaska – 65mph
  • Arizona – 75mph
  • Arkansas – 70mph
  • California – 70mph
  • Colorado – 75mph
  • Connecticut – 65mph
  • Delaware – 65mph
  • Florida – 70mph
  • Georgia – 70mph
  • Hawaii – 60mph
  • Idaho – 75mph
  • Indiana – 70mph
  • Iowa – 70mph
  • Kansas – 75mph
  • Kentucky – 70mph
  • Louisiana – 75mph
  • Maine – 75mph
  • Maryland – 65mph
  • Massachusetts – 65mph
  • Michigan – 70mph
  • Minnesota – 70mph
  • Mississippi – 70mph
  • Missouri – 70mph
  • Montana – 75mph
  • Nebraska – 75mph
  • Nevada – 75mph
  • New Hampshire – 65mph
  • New Jersey – 65mph
  • New Mexico – 75mph
  • New York – 65mph
  • North Carolina – 70mph
  • North Dakota – 75mph
  • Ohio – 70mph
  • Oklahoma – 75mph
  • Oregon – 65mph
  • Pennsylvania – 65mph
  • Rhode Island – 65mph
  • South Carolina – 70mph
  • South Dakota – 75mph
  • Tennessee – 70mph
  • Texas – 65-85mph (county-specific)
  • Texas – 75mph
  • Utah – 80mph
  • Vermont – 70mph
  • Virginia – 70mph
  • Washington – 70mph
  • West Virginia – 70mph
  • Wisconsin – 65mph
  • Wyoming – 75mph

If you are planning a cross-country road trip, this guide can help you prepare yourself for the different speed limits that you might come across. Remember, always obey the speed limit and other traffic laws – it could save your life!

Speed limit by state

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