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How to Get Better Fuel Economy

The first thing we need to understand is that, the way we treat our cars is just as important as the car itself in terms of getting better fuel economy! You can have a top-tier hybrid car, but if you always drive aggressively, the gas efficiency may become less than half of what it was supposed to be.

So, here are the tips.

  • Again, aggressive driving (i.e. pedal to the metal frequently) will lower the gas efficiency, regardless of the make or type. It is better to keep the RPM of your engine under 3,000 as much as you can.
  • Engine type should not be considered a first-prioritized comparison unless you’re comparing the same model – for instance, a 2.4L I4 Camry and a 3.5L V6 Camry. If you are comparing the same model, then, the lower end option would usually get better efficiency; in the case given here, 2.4L I4 would be more gas efficient but provide less power, while 3.5L V6 would offer more power but less gas efficiency.
  • Lighter cars do GENERALLY provide better gas efficiency, as they require less power to accelerate. This is USUALLY true, but not always.
  • Keep your car in shape by remembering to maintain it on its scheduled maintenance mileage; the better the condition of a car, the more likely its fuel efficiency will stay high for a longer time. Not to mention that regular maintenance is also a great way to ensure the car users’ safety.
  • Consider buying a hybrid car. Hybrid cars are not only environmentally friendly, but also have much better gas efficiencies. While they are usually expensive in price, they do eventually save you just as much gas money as you spent buying them. However, you should be VERY careful when looking for used hybrid cars, as they often have problem with their batteries, which happen to be the most expensive part of hybrid cars.

Now that you know the tips, happy car shopping and enjoy better gas efficiency!


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