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How to Check Your Oil

Do you know how to check the amount of oil that’s in your car? Sure, you may get the oil changed in your car on a regular basis (whenever the sticker on your windshield says to do so), but it’s still important to regularly pop the hood and see if the engine of your vehicle has the appropriate amount of oil. After all, you don’t want to risk damaging your automobile. Take a look at these steps and try to check you own oil:

Pop the Hood

Seems simple, right? The first step of the procedure is popping the hood of your vehicle and locating the dipstick.

Pull Out the Dipstick

Once you’ve located the dipstick, you’ll need to pull it out and wipe it off on a clean rag. It’s important to make sure that the rag you use is completely clean, but also one you don’t mind later getting dirty. If the rag is dirty to begin with, then you may not get an accurate assessment.

Replace the Dip Stick

Now that the dipstick is clean, put the device back in place. You may have trouble fitting it back into its home. However, you can slightly turn or twist the piece until it properly fits. Of course, don’t be too rough — you don’t want to break the dipstick.

Pull Out the Dip Stick — Again

Repeat the second step — pull out the dipstick one more time. Easy enough, right? Here, you will need to take note of the level of oil in your engine. If the dipstick shows that your oil level is low, then you know that you need to add some fluid to you automobile. However, if the level of oil in your car is the appropriate amount, then you’re good to go! Also, take a look at the condition of the oil. If the liquid is lumpy or old looking, then it’s most likely time for a change.

Replace the dipstick and close the hood — you’re done!

Take Care of Your Vehicle

Vehicles are expensive; therefore it’s important to take care of your car. If you take care of your automobile today, then you may save money in the long run.


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