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How to Avoid a Traffic Jam

There’s a rather high chance that you’ve been stuck in at least one traffic jam throughout your driving career. Of course, depending on certain factors (i.e. your location, age, and how much you travel), you may find yourself to be involved in traffic jams quite often. To assist you with the tedious obstacle that is being stuck in traffic, we’ve put together a list of methods that could help you learn how to avoid a traffic jam.

Avoid Periods of Rush Hour

You know when rush hour traffic takes place, so why drive in it? Of course, sometimes you simply can’t avoid rush hour traffic. If you can’t, then consider finding a new route. For example, you can search online for directions that will allow you to avoid over populated highways.

Learn Alternative Routes

If you drive to the same destination each day (i.e. work), then you will find it necessary to learn other routes that can successfully get you to that destination. You never know when an accident or something similar might delay you. Therefore, listen to the radio for all traffic alerts and updates. If you hear about a possible interruption, then you’ll be able to choose a different route.

Plan Ahead

If you plan your trip ahead and accordingly, you may just miss traffic jams altogether. For example, did you know that by leaving a few minutes earlier or later, you could actually avoid getting stuck in traffic? If you become familiar with traffic and know when it starts to get heavy, you can avoid driving during those time periods.

Stay Calm

When stuck in traffic jams, it’s very important to stay calm. You’ll definitely experience moments (if you haven’t already) where avoiding traffic jams just can’t be done. In that case, it will be important to stay calm, alert, and just wait for the traffic to pass.

Always Practice Safe Driving Techniques

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or are the only car on the road, it’s important to always practice safe driving techniques. Though you can possibly learn how to avoid a traffic jam, there will be times when you simply can’t — don’t get angry. Remember to be patient and constantly remind yourself that the traffic jam will eventually pass.


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