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Facts about a Low Gas Tank

Do you often find yourself waiting until your tank is on empty before filling up? Sure, gas is rather expensive, but you need it to fuel your car and get to your destination. Therefore, is waiting to go to the gas station really benefitting you? At Virtual Drive USA, we've put together a few facts about a low gas tank — take a look!

Problems and Preventions

While cases may not be too common, it’s interesting to learn that when you wait until your tank is on empty to fill up, you run the potential risk of causing an expensive mechanical problem. Because the gasoline in your vehicle acts like a coolant for the electrical fuel pump motor, the pump can suck in air when your tank is on empty. This could eventually create heat and even cause the fuel pump to wear prematurely and later completely fail. It's also important to be concerned with getting dirt in your fuel tank due to running on empty, as well as potentially running out of gas and getting stranded.

If you’re suddenly worried about one of the above scenarios taking place, then consider exploring these preventative tips:

  • Always make sure your gas tank is at least a quarter full
  • Before beginning a long trip, make sure you fill your tank
  • Don’t depend on your car to inform you of how many miles you have left until empty
  • Research gas stations in your community that offer the cheapest prices for gas

It can be expensive and tedious to fill up your gas tank; however, making sure that you have the appropriate amount of fuel in your vehicle can help ensure that you don’t face other, expensive problems. After all, you don’t want to avoid getting gas because it’s pricey, only to later have to pay for a mechanical repair.

Don’t Wait — Fill Up

Are you now having seconds thoughts about letting your fuel tank get too empty? Our facts about a low gas tank are meant to inform you, not scare you. Of course, everyone has let their tank get dangerously close to empty at least one or twice. However, for future reference, try not to make a habit out of running on "E."


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