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Driving in the Rain Tips

It’s important to become a safe and reliable driver. One way to accomplish this task is to be prepared for all weather conditions — including the rain. Therefore, we’ve put together a list that could become quite beneficial for your next trip. That is, if it’s raining. Take a look at our driving in the rain tips:

Slow Down

This tip should be rather obvious — slow down. As roadways will be wet and slippery, it will be important to travel at appropriate speeds. In fact, you will most likely even have to drive slower than the posted speed limit. Follow the flow of traffic, but don’t go too fast.

More Time

Because you will most likely be driving slower than usual, make sure you give yourself enough time to reach your destination. Therefore, to ensure promptness, leave earlier than usual to prepare for any possible delays that may take place due to the weather.

Careful of Brakes

Again, roadways will be slippery and wet — don’t slam on your brakes. In doing so, you could cause an accident by sliding into the car in front of you, the guardrail, the ditch, etc. Drive slow and only easy on the brakes when necessary. Because of the rain and slippery roads, make sure you leave plenty of room in between your car and the car in front of you.

Check Your Wipers

It will be important to make sure that you have good wiper blades before the rain storm hits. Therefore, if you know rain is likely to come in your area, check your blades beforehand. You don’t want to have bad blades or blades that don’t work at all once the storm has already started.

Watch for Puddles

Depending on the area in which you live in, you may come across various types of puddles. Of course, you want to try and avoid said puddles. However, if you have to drive through a puddle, make sure you do so slowly. You never know how deep the puddle will actually be.

Smart Driving

When it’s raining, remember to be extra careful when behind the wheel. As long as you make smart and same driving decisions, you should have no problem safely reaching your destination. Make sure to test out our driving in the rain tips the next time rain is expected in your area.


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