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Common Mistakes Made by Young Drivers

If you're a young driver or know someone who is young and currently in the process of getting a driver's license, then it could be beneficial to become familiar with various mistakes that are often made by younger drivers. Most often, these common mistakes can be avoided. It's important to always make safe driving techniques — try avoiding the following errors:

Distracted Driving

Though drivers of any age can easily be distracted when behind the wheel, it seems that young drivers are known for being even more distracted. Different types of distracted driving include:

  • Texting while Driving
  • Eating while Driving
  • Drinking while Driving

Any type of cellphone use while driving is a huge distraction and can end in consequence. Also, changing the radio station or being distracted by other passengers could result in an accident. Therefore, when you're in the driver's seat, your main focus should always be the road in front of you and your surroundings.


A common mistake made by all drivers is speeding. Though many drivers speed, teen drivers are known for speeding more due to not being fully aware of the possible consequences. Most teens are unaware of how a car's speed can affect a driver's response time.

Too Many People in the Vehicle

Teen drivers are known for overcrowding vehicles with passengers. With extra passengers, teen drivers are more likely to become distracted and drive erratically. As well, if an accident were to occur, then more damage could be caused due to the car having more occupants than appropriate.

Driving Under the Influence

Again, driving under the influence is an unfortunate and a common mistake that drivers of any age can and do make. However, young drivers, especially teens in high school, have been noted as commonly getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. The dangers of drinking and driving are quite obvious and could result in a range of serious consequences. Therefore, it's imperative to avoid driving if you've consumed alcohol.

Are You a Safe Driver?

It's very important to strive to become a safe driver. If you're aware of your complete surroundings, then you increase your chance of being able to avoid an accident. No matter what age you may be, avoiding common mistakes on the road could save lives.


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