Drivers License Practice Test

Our state-specific drivers license practice tests will help you pass the written drivers test and includes:

  • Over 200 questions
  • Unlimited access for 30 days
  • Multiple practice tests
  • 100% Pass Guarantee


Practice Drivers License Test Online

Whether you are a new driver or renewing your drivers license, having access to state specific professional drivers license practice tests will give you an advantage when it comes to taking the DMV/DPS written drivers test. With over two hundred questions in our practice test database, with state specific questions that include rules of the road, state driving laws, road signs and signals, we guarantee you will pass your written drivers test or we'll give you your money back. That's right, we said it. Our practice tests are that good and we've put so much time and effort into developing a quality training product, we're confident you will pass on the first try.

For thirty days, you have full access to all of our DPS/DMV drivers license practice tests. You can take them as often as you like. After you are consistently passing the practice test and know you are ready, visit your local DMV/DPS office and take the real test. We guarantee you will pass the written driving test. You can't buy a better insurance policy for less than $10 bucks!

Passing Your Written Drivers License Test

Most state written drivers license tests are not designed to fail you. You can expect to see several questions on road signs and signals. Most states use true/false and multiple choice questions. Multiple choice questions are usually "common sense" type questions. Read the question, then review each of the choices. Chances are, one or two choices can easily be eliminated, leaving you to focus on the other two options.

As you go through the practice tests, you will get a feel for what to expect on the real written drivers test. Most states have multiple versions of their written tests and rotate these tests frequently.

Your Local DMV/DPS Office - Be Prepared

In larger cities, expect your local DMV/DPS office to be busy. Thinking about taking the test during your lunch hour? So are a hundred other people who need to take the test, too. If possible, try to schedule time off from work to go early in the morning or around 2pm (after the lunch crowd).

Bring your phone or ipod with your favorite music and some ear buds. DMV/DPS offices can be notoriously loud and cause stress and anxiety. Listening to your favorite music can help block out those distractions and keep your mind clear.

Bring a bottled water, juice or a sports drink in case you get thirsty. You could be there for 20 minutes or two hours. It's all a matter of how many are in front of you. Bring a few snacks, in case you get hungry.

Bring a book, some magazines or your mobile device to browse the web (or even use your practice tests for last minute studying!). This will help you focus out all the distractions from the crowded office and reduce your stress and anxiety.

When you are finally called to take the test, before starting, take in a couple of deep breathes and exhale. This will help flood your body with oxygen and produce a calming effect. Read each question thoroughly. It's not a speed test, it's an accuracy test. Take your time. Imagine yourself in the scenario of the question, review the choices and the "common sense" answer should be obvious.